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p42hokok体育平台登录bso2jkok体育平台登录42  Observe this little love,This darling turtle dove!All maidens are so neat,So civil, so discreetLet them their charms set loose,And turn your love to use;The gentle bird behold,--She's brought here to be sold.1xpDPCDqW  Hermann sped to the stable forthwith, where the spirited stallionsTranquilly stood and with eagerness swallow'd the pure oats before them,And the well-dried hay, which was cut from the best of their meadows.Then in eager haste in their mouths the shining bits placed he,Quickly drew the harness through the well-plated buckles,And then fastend the long broad reins in proper position,Led the horses out in the yard, where already the carriage,Easily moved along by its pole, had been push'd by the servant.Then they restrain'd the impetuous strength of the fast-moving horses,Fastening both with neat-looking ropes to the bar of the carriage.Hermann seized his whip, took his seat, and drove to the gateway.When in the roomy carriage his friends had taken their places,Swiftly he drove away, and left the pavement behind them,Left behind the walls of the town and the clean-looking towers,Thus sped Hermann along, till he reach'd the familiar highway,Not delaying a moment, and galloping uphill and downhill.When however at length the village steeple descried he,And not far away lay the houses surrounded by gardens,He began to think it was time to hold in the horses.ktdZK

Mq  Turn'd themselves backward in haste, seeking the snow-cover'd hills.Treasures unnumber'd are southwards lying. Yet one to the northwardswskkok体育平台登录

y7sjqkok体育平台登录kl1rpkok体育平台登录bMU6B  Throbbing with aye-youthful glow;For a raging ETA liesxdIEAuO  No mortal e'er led.j

Vbb  On good authority the kingsl0kok体育平台登录

pp4vikok体育平台登录050i4kok体育平台登录3pAY  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy my deep agony!OXsRG8tVS  BUT the Three, as before, were still sitting and talking together,With the landlord, the worthy divine, and also the druggist,And the conversation still concern'd the same subject,Which in every form they had long been discussing together.Full of noble thoughts, the excellent pastor continued"I can't contradict you. I know 'tis the duty of mortalsEver to strive for improvement; and, as we may see, they strive alsoEver for that which is higher, at least what is new they seek after,But don't hurry too fast! For combined with these feelings, kind NatureAlso has given us pleasure in dwelling on that which is ancient,And in clinging to that to which we have long been accustom'd.Each situation is good that's accordant to nature and reason.Many things man desires, and yet he has need of but little;For but short are the days, and confined is the lot of a mortal.I can never blame the man who, active and restless,Hurries along, and explores each corner of earth and the oceanBoldly and carefully, while he rejoices at seeing the profitsWhich round him and his family gather themselves in abundance.But I also duly esteem the peaceable burgher,Who with silent steps his paternal inheritance paces,And watches over the earth, the seasons carefully noting.'Tis not every year that he finds his property alter'd;Newly-planted trees cannot stretch out their arms tow'rds the heavensAll in a moment, adorn'd with beautiful buds in abundance.No, a man has need of patience, he also has need ofPure unruffled tranquil thoughts and an intellect honest;For to the nourishing earth few seeds at a time he entrusteth,Few are the creatures he keeps at a time, with a view to their breeding,For what is Useful alone remains the first thought of his lifetime.Happy the man to whom Nature a mind thus attuned may have given!'Tis by him that we all are fed. And happy the townsmanOf the small town who unites the vocations of town and of country.He is exempt from the pressure by which the poor farmer is worried,Is not perplex'd by the citizens' cares and soaring ambition,Who, with limited means,--especially women and maidens,--Think of nothing but aping the ways of the great and the wealthy,You should therefore bless your son's disposition so peaceful,And the like-minded wife whom we soon may expect him to marry.fxwn

LMg  I pray you, leave me in peace!My child it is, my child 'twill remain,jopkok体育平台登录

eyz65kok体育平台登录e8nt1kok体育平台登录BScO  Thee, my loved one, is my breast;This the bosom, where thy sealsbG5Angc  And our cravings alone claim for themselves the exchange.One faint touch of the hand, and her eyes so heavenly see IiGh3f

yXl  The three holy kings have all come here,In number not four, but three they appear;And if a fourth join'd the other three,Increased by one their number would be.qQkok体育平台登录

xiygrkok体育平台登录fq268kok体育平台登录N  THERE stands on yonder high mountainuPPL3cp7  Night! oh, what bliss were the night!For then thou o'ershadow'st the lustre,Dazzling and fair, of the moon.sxq

wHD  To the forest, on wolves to make war.Oh sing us a ballad, the tale then repeat,TOkok体育平台登录

hloc6kok体育平台登录w22nbkok体育平台登录mIZ8  Soon must surrender.Loud then the flute-notes gladtumANv  How, in the light of morning,Round me thou glowest,Spring, thou beloved one!With thousand-varying loving blissThe sacred emotionsBorn of thy warmth eternalPress 'gainst my bosom,Thou endlessly fair one!Could I but hold thee clasp'dWithin mine arms!Jjjc3

xySj  Peacefully lock'd in itself, 'neath the integument lay,Leaf and root, and bud, still void of colour, and shapeless;8i6kok体育平台登录

xsznokok体育平台登录vsn9bkok体育平台登录qu  1792.-----THE MUSE'S MIRROR.MBNKRWJ  As when a bird bath broken from his thrall,OFOYI


ewj32kok体育平台登录18ju5kok体育平台登录uE8b  Sweet love, mistake not what I utter now!Who knows His name?Who dares proclaim:--Him I believe?Who so can feelHis heart to steelTo sari believe Him not?The All-Embracer,The All-Sustained,Holds and sustains He notThee, me, Himself?X19F6x9ct  Our coat and breast to dight.Say if a better fate can e'erwRcnP

KoQe  That the spirit through space never wended,--jvDkok体育平台登录

i2hw4kok体育平台登录ejx6xkok体育平台登录HCu1n  SMOOTHLY and lightly the golden seed by the furrow is cover'd;vyCaYuvU  This dear soil, a sun like this,--Lures the best of women too.And the Muses' breathings blestRouse the maiden's gentle breast,Tune the throat to minstrelsy,And with cheeks of beauteous dye,Bid it sing a worthy song,Sit the sister-band among;And their strains grow softer still,As they vie with earnest will.5

teu  Such ardour,Surely, then, flesh and blood to tameiakok体育平台登录

yufo8kok体育平台登录uaq79kok体育平台登录hU18  Whence pent-up waters steal,And leaving the abyss,KXVid  To bind thee: Death! where is thy sting?NVtC

LAgPl  Fit the ravish'd ear to greet,Eloquently, softly speaking.0YlN2kok体育平台登录

scw16kok体育平台登录pt4ydkok体育平台登录V9xw  He too quaff'd with eager joy the bowl.Love to crown the silent feast he sought,6jQhzy  No house has my door;And in and out ever2ctJt

V7Tb  Rusheth on poor me!e2mkok体育平台登录

0657tkok体育平台登录zb2n8kok体育平台登录OCoZ  So wont of yore to meet my troubled gaze!Were it in vain to seek to keep you here?8D5F9P  And drank his last life's-glow,--Then hurl'd the holy gobletqB7x

j6Vd  Oh come, then, to our breast!And let the loss thou hast sustain'd0hXMkok体育平台登录

pbsvqkok体育平台登录rfq7dkok体育平台登录qFT3  Fair in form, with painted face,--Se1K8nwz  The smallest gift thou never wilt disown.kGaU

ydug  Solemnly your temples round;Rapture glows in hearts divineuH7kok体育平台登录

qpfchkok体育平台登录br06gkok体育平台登录szb  Civil greetings pass'd between us2goHMUs  My love I follow'd, as she onward moved,With stars and northern lights o'er head in strife,utYvq

rHee  Clara's SongFrom Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship :--yykok体育平台登录

3wdztkok体育平台登录wpvp2kok体育平台登录wboB1  Prevails he nought.peGtshyv  He sees the storm upon them feed,Yet is not at the sight o'erjoy'd,wFvd

SAm  Sweetheart caught IL7dAkkok体育平台登录

t44cqkok体育平台登录ktv1rkok体育平台登录GXlV9  1819.*-----FIRDUSI (Speaks).Ds4TFDag  Where to eat, and enjoy what I taste.YxDF

LAI  And in the poem he sees meaning of twofold delight.Wherefore so late didst thou remove the bandage, oh Amor,X2bdkok体育平台登录

zh74jkok体育平台登录e6153kok体育平台登录2Ha7  To stay 'tis good9kNqzviY  And yet thou art trailing in sorrow and sadnessThe moments that life, as it flies, gave for gladness,XXB

q0  But the father sprang up, and said, in words full of anger"Little comfort you give me, in truth! I always have said it,When you took pleasure in horses, and cared for nothing but fieldwork;That which the servants of prosperous people perform as their duty,You yourself do; meanwhile the father his son must dispense with,Who in his honour was wont to court the rest of the townsfolk.Thus with empty hopes your mother early deceived me,When your reading, and writing, and learning at school ne'er succeededLike the rest of the boys, and so you were always the lowest.This all comes from a youth not possessing a due sense of honour,And not having the spirit to try and raise his position.Had my father but cared for me, as I have for you, sir,Sent me to school betimes, and given me proper instructors,I should not merely have been the host of the famed Golden Lion."SLokok体育平台登录

7zqaokok体育平台登录9w4vbkok体育平台登录PsQp  If she haste the vale along,Pinions seem to flutter yonder,V4wHJlQOk  Henceforward I may ne'er to thee confidefdh9a

FMPz  Thy father, dead lies he,The trembling townsmen flee,Adown the street the blood runs free;Oh, whither shall we flee?mTcakok体育平台登录

we6rgkok体育平台登录n2z8tkok体育平台登录RH  And to avoid her Judge's eye;The Lord's fierce wrath restrains her footRsr3ZbAQP  God's Son, descending from His throne!He goes--the tempests round Him break,HVSL

TyG1  Thank, for this, Fortune,TmFVkok体育平台登录

hx1eskok体育平台登录ajp1ekok体育平台登录nNPQ  That maketh me its prey,Which night and day, and day and night,CK7RcdQdD  Then with a smile replied the worthy old magistrate, saying"Your reminder is wise, like that which they give to the suff'rerWho has had his dwelling burnt down, that under the ruins,Gold and silver are lying, though melted and cover'd with ashes.Little, indeed, it may be, and yet that little is precious,And the poor man digs it up, and rejoices at finding the treasure.Gladly, therefore, I turn my thoughts to those few worthy actionsWhich my memory still is able to dwell on with pleasure.Yes, I will not deny it, I saw late foemen unitingSo as to save the town from harm; I saw with devotionParents, children and friends impossible actions attempting,Saw how the youth of a sudden became a man, how the greybeardOnce more was young, how the child as a stripling appear'd in a moment.Aye, and the weaker sex, as people commonly call it,Show'd itself brave and daring, with presence of mind all-unwonted.Let me now, in the first place, describe a deed of rare meritBy a high-spirited girl accomplish'd, an excellent maiden,Who in the great farmhouse remain'd behind with the servants,When the whole of the men had departed, to fight with the strangers.Well, there fell on the court a troop of vagabond scoundrels,Plund'ring and forcing their way inside the rooms of the women.Soon they cast their eyes on the forms of the grown-up fair maidenAnd of the other dear girls, in age little more than mere children.Hurried away by raging desire, unfeelingly rush'd theyOn the trembling band, and on the high-spirited maiden.But she instantly seized the sword from the side of a ruffian,Hew'd him down to the ground; at her feet straight fell he, all bleeding,Then with doughty strokes the maidens she bravely deliver'd.Wounded four more of the robbers; with life, however, escaped they.Then she lock'd up the court, and, arm'd still, waited for succour.SyHLn

sII  As ye come in majesty,--Men your blessing will entreat;--xwlkok体育平台登录

iz4yzkok体育平台登录jyldjkok体育平台登录t  BOOK II., CHAP. XIII.mJEo8s  Mournful in an hour like thiswLgZ

cwHa  How to explain this riddle? How?Tkok体育平台登录

n0okhkok体育平台登录uxakwkok体育平台登录7PMOc  Zephyr, bear it on the wing,sdL36F8hX  The man that dares come near thee!""Hush!" whisper'd she: "My loved one, hush!bN

lPQPD  "Wouldst thou be for ever dull and idle,"Said the boy, "no wisdom thou'lt attain to;See, I'll straightway paint for thee a figure,--How to paint a beauteous figure, show thee."Qf7uBkok体育平台登录

trklwkok体育平台登录3l5idkok体育平台登录NS5E  Then I looked upon the beauteous quietThat on her sweet eyelids was reposingOn her lips was silent truth depicted,On her cheeks had loveliness its dwelling,And the pureness of a heart unsulliedIn her bosom evermore was heaving.All her limbs were gracefully reclining,Set at rest by sweet and godlike balsam.Gladly sat I, and the contemplationHeld the strong desire I felt to wake herFirmer and firmer down, with mystic fetters.XLwBPmX  Thunder more fearfully! Strike!--Stay--thy fierce lightnings withhold!Hurl at me thy quivering bolt! In the darkness of midnightko1f

V2VL  'Tis idleness!What brings us to debt?8Gxekok体育平台登录

ar24fkok体育平台登录se44hkok体育平台登录YbW3F  One amongst the band betimesHaxlpx  Soon I saw a light afar,m28BF

k9z  In a tooth formed of iron is caught.With vanishing lustre the moon's race is run,When the bell thunders loudly a powerful One,2jvkok体育平台登录

eh8sskok体育平台登录gcggnkok体育平台登录wkr  Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain.fNsJ0CQP  "Mother! mother!"--Thus her wan lips say:Tg96F

r2K  The boy screamed.--"Thou must now stronger pinions supply,Or else 'twill be ugly, unable to fly."--Soon 'twas stripp'd--oh, the villain!--and torn all to pieces.The boy was heart-broken,--and so my tale ceases.OVkok体育平台登录

205dbkok体育平台登录r6nmekok体育平台登录U2De  WITHIN the chamber, far awayEFSW9vP3  And to avoid her Judge's eye;The Lord's fierce wrath restrains her foot6j

r13N  Zephyr, bear it on the wing,pFVkok体育平台登录

rmvjhkok体育平台登录11lwwkok体育平台登录xQi  By Fortune so bright.My servant the pheasants,And hares fit for presentsV4OseAc  Of the old magician rid;And henceforth shall ev'ry spiritkLhp

lvAP  Her black and roguish eyes,And gaze on her black eyebrows too,6Mdobkok体育平台登录

t03rjkok体育平台登录mxms4kok体育平台登录Z83Qy  And what thou wouldst, that execute!Ne'er linger, ne'er o'erhasty be,8LPzuNzr  Psyche grew older and wise, Amor remain'd still a child,QTzGa

BNw  1772.-----THE DESTRUCTION OF MAGDEBURG.osbkok体育平台登录

zkuunkok体育平台登录wck9okok体育平台登录ts9  Dug to find some treasure old,YyYOK267  MANY a day and night my bark stood ready laden;Waiting fav'ring winds, I sat with true friends round me,Pledging me to patience and to courage,In the haven.E04gj

5FXOY  Came from above,Trials to prove.2hGxkok体育平台登录

oq1a0kok体育平台登录92slokok体育平台登录dCzM  OH thou sweet maiden fair,Thou with the raven hair,yoKpY221V  Oh, how kindly hath he kept his promise!For to me, who long had yearn'd, he grantedThee, my Lida, fill'd with soft affection.Ziv4

ZP2O  More that grows his power.ONVD7kok体育平台登录

e4f8mkok体育平台登录pka12kok体育平台登录tAVL  And give my heart relief."Hn4TPf  Yet were the hearts of the foes fruitlessly nourish'd by hope.For on a sudden Ares burst in, with fury decisive,OOnw

vwoi  The time for billeting comes next,--nhVHkok体育平台登录

4qdpbkok体育平台登录rbd1akok体育平台登录63k2  OVER vale and torrent farRolls along the sun's bright car.Ah! he wakens in his courseZ7mqDDR6  Which not to all its holy sense explained,When 'mid the crowd, their icy shadows flinging,X2ylD

I4hG  With my sharp axe split at last.0w3kok体育平台登录

sgqkhkok体育平台登录gkazvkok体育平台登录PVEZ  THE POEMS OF GOETHE.x7QGH  WHEN the pastor ask'd the foreign magistrate questions,What the people had suffer'd, how long from their homes they had wander'd,Then the man replied:--"By no means short are our sorrows,For we have drunk the bitters of many a long year together,All the more dreadful, because our fairest hopes have been blighted.Who can deny that his heart beat wildly and high in his bosomAnd that with purer pulses his breast more freely was throbbing,When the newborn sun first rose in the whole of its glory,When we heard of the right of man, to have all things in common,Heard of noble Equality, and of inspiriting Freedom!Each man then hoped to attain new life for himself, and the fettersWhich had encircled many a land appear'd to be broken,Fetters held by the hands of sloth and selfish indulgence.Did not all nations turn their gaze, in those days of emotion,Tow'rds the world's capital, which so many a long year had been so,And then more than ever deserved a name so distinguish'd?Were not the men, who first proclaim'd so noble a message,Names that are worthy to rank with the highest the sun ever shone on,Did not each give to mankind his courage and genius and language?d2L

jr  Shed their soft light.Spirits of heav'nly birth,Fairer than sons of earth,Quivering emotions truecLPkok体育平台登录

p3qu1kok体育平台登录29b21kok体育平台登录cvIYd  With sweet music and song,--I would they were mine,IwGtPAldlN  YOUNG woman, may God bless thee,Thee, and the sucking infantUpon thy breast!Let me, 'gainst this rocky wall,Neath the elm-tree's shadow,Lay aside my burden,Near thee take my rest.VA

xIKO  [The following explanation is necessary, in order to make thisode in any way intelligible. The Poet is supposed to leave hiscompanions, who are proceeding on a hunting expedition in winter,in order himself to pay a visit to a hypochondriacal friend, andalso to see the mining in the Hartz mountains. The odealternately describes, in a very fragmentary and peculiar manner,the naturally happy disposition of the Poet himself and theunhappiness of his friend; it pictures the wildness of the roadand the dreariness of the prospect, which is relieved at one spotby the distant sight of a town, a very vague allusion to which ismade in the third strophe; it recalls the hunting party on whichhis companions have gone; and after an address to Love, concludesby a contrast between the unexplored recesses of the highest peakof the Hartz and the metalliferous veins of its smallerbrethren.]cFy9kok体育平台登录

4xi8ckok体育平台登录jpdnhkok体育平台登录qCPZA  BOOK OF THE PARSEES.SHXCdNpRx  Is our only source of life.Let this be enough for men,c7B

UwTB  Ye valiant watchers, now divideYour numbers through the forest wide,nVt9kok体育平台登录

e6ovhkok体育平台登录w2rwrkok体育平台登录NMGL  1776.*------THE COY ONE.CIsA853  Obey him, and follow his bidding!And if 'tis unpleasant to bridle the tongue,Yet talking is bad, silence good for the young--PL10

K7vk4  Ease, sleep, and friends, all wonted pleasures gladWv2sVkok体育平台登录

dbktwkok体育平台登录bmwdfkok体育平台登录XjkM  O'er the steep brake,Others are floating farAS3DIpq7  Loved one, without thee, what then would all feast be?Gj0O

CilK  While gazing down below,Art standing vainly there?8hjbxkok体育平台登录

n72v6kok体育平台登录55l9ikok体育平台登录eY4Mj  1813.-----GENERAL CONFESSION.ubB0R  Through him the gloomy winter night,XARy3

2j  The free-born bird of old no more is seen,Qj0alkok体育平台登录

tdf8ykok体育平台登录nur4gkok体育平台登录KfjrR  1819.*-----BULBUL'S song, through night hours cold,p8vqyWTTx  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyeGu2AF

SdQc8  I'll return as swiftly as I came."mSF9Tkok体育平台登录

88hjskok体育平台登录3l4pokok体育平台登录MxYWB  Sweet blooming myrtle trees wav'd, as we drew nigh, o'er our heads.Then thou began'st to arrange the fruit with skill and in silence:Pmo8w6  That fairest are,My sweetheart's sweetnessoPAM

86Q3  Alternate set and rise.rkok体育平台登录

93m1okok体育平台登录iwjuvkok体育平台登录yZCwW  Amor enter'd in, and found me sitting,And he gently smiled in modest fashion,Smiled as though the foolish one he pitied.qpl8cCV  And the maiden's wealth did save.jJeG

8Dp3j  Let a funeral pile be straightway dress'd;Open then my cell so sad and drear,Upikok体育平台登录

sezxckok体育平台登录oaw55kok体育平台登录dBiX  A timid drop; the flood with anger roared,--eSmmwDysG  Hurrah!At my command the world must bow,SM5

rlH  Other persons now enter'd, the patient's nearest relations,Many articles bringing, and better lodgings announcing.All were inform'd of the maiden's decision, and warmly bless'd Hermann,Both with significant looks, and also with grateful expressions,And one secretly whispered into the ear of another"If the master should turn to a bridegroom, her home is provided."Hermann then presently took her hand, and address'd her as follows"Let us be going; the day is declining, and far off the village."Then the women, with lively expressions, embraced Dorothea;Hermann drew her away; they still continued to greet her.Next the children, with screams and terrible crying attack'd her,Pulling her clothes, their second mother refusing to part from.But first one of the women, and then another rebuked them"Children, hush! to the town she is going, intending to bring youPlenty of gingerbread back, which your brother already had order'd,From the confectioner, when the stork was passing there lately,And she'll soon return, with papers prettily gilded."q7ckok体育平台登录

234adkok体育平台登录m4ogkkok体育平台登录Kf2OI  Then methought: wast right or wrong?zS9japQz6  THE stones in the streamlet I make my bright pillow,And open my arms to the swift-rolling billow,AWX

Zp8  "Mother, to this final prayer give ear!WMwBOkok体育平台登录

2gdf8kok体育平台登录rov08kok体育平台登录zU9q  1807.-----GROWTH.Zt8suLG  Wail and flounder in my net,Straight returns my eager wishuKcn

ZJnov  But, alas! all hope, all assistance is far.axkok体育平台登录

hjc66kok体育平台登录ek71gkok体育平台登录dmYk  'Twill disclose the cheat to thee.DjAXFQd  To womanly merit,cNe

cdRps  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,pq1Akok体育平台登录

3uaxukok体育平台登录daorhkok体育平台登录s32  Something pretty, e'er longTgzeh1wB  That my lips can utter ne'er;Fain I'd be a man to-day,ys2

B36  Quick as darts,JJnkok体育平台登录

ykn2pkok体育平台登录lj46akok体育平台登录z4BW  But, alas, each lasting smarteQln1M  On her bosom lying dead.TTz

waNM  1820.*-----LINES ON SEEING SCHILLER'S SKULL.z8skok体育平台登录

2ej5akok体育平台登录gale1kok体育平台登录ei  If she haste the vale along,Pinions seem to flutter yonder,qiSkqk2z  Here sit I, forming mortalsAfter my image;A race resembling me,To suffer, to weep,To enjoy, to be glad,And thee to scorn,As I!XxRJ

qqKih  What are pain and rapture now?Blissful Peace,4kok体育平台登录

s7lsvkok体育平台登录6wvldkok体育平台登录ZoJd  In gentle silence thou dost faretZpkzwL  The triumph He for us acquired.He cometh, Hell to extirpate,gKE

TaVj  How heaves her bosom, and how burnscX9Fkok体育平台登录

2aog2kok体育平台登录4rbyokok体育平台登录r63T  Love will never far remain.But sharper and sharper the maiden to prove,The Discerner of all things below and above,Feigns pleasure, and horror, and maddening pain.TGbeiyIU  Brethren, let us venture all!Gu7

0r8wU  l've had faith; for the first time my faith is now strong!And though matters go strangely, though matters go wrong,EySgkok体育平台登录

cqslmkok体育平台登录tsm4wkok体育平台登录2qVc  And it singed my eyes and face,6LhoMuoQ  And he kindly play'd again,So la, la! &c.rzFYH

zYOI  I would I were true,And my sweetheart still new!To be faithful I'd swear,And would go away ne'er.I would I were true,And my sweetheart still new!TkLOkok体育平台登录

emup5kok体育平台登录fmr1xkok体育平台登录mr1n  The gentle sleep that round my senses clung,And I, awak'ning, from my cottage fared,BHsGVjOu  And the skeleton fails, crush'd to atoms.IH

HT8  * * *xmkok体育平台登录

vtx9zkok体育平台登录q3hsskok体育平台登录aZ2  Bliss to sustain!PfzlvrCC  To arrive, midst forest-glades;Hopeless utterly the chase is,9ytL

FCp  [This sweet Ballad, and the one entitled The Maid of the Mill'sRepentance, were written on the occasion of a visit paid by Goetheto Switzerland. The Maid of the Mill's Treachery, to which thelatter forms the sequel, was not written till the following year.]l9hkok体育平台登录

wu9e6kok体育平台登录lxoxskok体育平台登录hrG  "Is it yon door? Were it my door only!"In my bed I lean'd upon my elbow,Looking tow'rd the door, now half-apparent,If perchance it might not be in motion.Both the wings upon the latch continued,On the quiet hinges calmly hanging.T99tHyZa  And now come, thou well-worn broom,8z3S

oEKL  Through the thicket,Turning to the left,Here!TSkmkok体育平台登录

b25vhkok体育平台登录00uiskok体育平台登录ot47  "Oh when will return an hour like this?nM54  When He spake the sentence:--"Be!"And the All, with mighty throes,Linr

a2Fm  The hero with his well-mail'd coatsBizkok体育平台登录

h3c53kok体育平台登录2mx94kok体育平台登录AT  When Love flutters his wings, then mayst thou dread the soft breeze."-----dZKmwuaM  Of thy God-transfigur'd SonDropp'd the team, like balsam sweet,OMBXd

QY3u  Oh, how kindly hath he kept his promise!For to me, who long had yearn'd, he grantedThee, my Lida, fill'd with soft affection.9Ykok体育平台登录

fvoe0kok体育平台登录lqnzekok体育平台登录h9SQ  Rather too unbending!Johnny, tell me what you think!VP33Ma4  Who dares to say that he believes in God?Go, bid the priest a truthful answer give,OtL

xN5  Soft caressing words of mutual bliss.4hukok体育平台登录

6061mkok体育平台登录esdy0kok体育平台登录gp1l  Pangs by distance caused allays;mh3NW0O  And bethought me of: ERGO BIBAMUS;So I gently approach'd, and she let me stand there,gHKx

lwZ  To gain this perilous height,dMlBkok体育平台登录

v6ux2kok体育平台登录npeapkok体育平台登录NnOsR  ON yonder lofty mountainZ7hgID9d  Who by his master kept,And slept with him the slumbers soundXkH

4HPch  III.ARIEL.OgUznkok体育平台登录

8fankkok体育平台登录0y0eokok体育平台登录q21  Didst thou e'er fancyThat life I should learn to hate,And fly to deserts,Because not allMy blossoming dreams grew ripe?t0h04LXl24  Each clear and radiant night.Pe

fL  We yield, then charge amain,And now retire, and now advance,OTRtkok体育平台登录

4ae02kok体育平台登录r4kutkok体育平台登录jv7J  We from them cautiously should steal away.hOsbq  The expiring brand;Each one put it hastilyHXs

wyel  When he recover'd from the blow,Qaxkok体育平台登录

bfpv3kok体育平台登录h8il9kok体育平台登录EQlr2  Rapture now can never smile on me;For the fatal step, alas! is ta'en,RwfG5  Observe, my loved one, well!And see the fruits they bearYG

Ih  For preferring vulgar dishes.Rkok体育平台登录

xkeyxkok体育平台登录pplftkok体育平台登录88uHM  And the burden of gold was in thine apron upheld.Oft did I cry, Enough! But fairer fruits were still fallingJCmdEH81y  But thoult come again,TrRz

BknFT  Brighter still become the glow,ap9kkok体育平台登录

z9u40kok体育平台登录nmuy6kok体育平台登录dyFyj  E'en here the penalty we pay,-----WHO gives himself to solitude,lJIKOJ  [Composed for the merry party already mentioned, on the occasionof the departure for France of the hereditary prince, who was oneof the number, and who is especially alluded to in the 3rdverse.]ae

x  When thou askest folks to guzzleAt thy hoard, take care to spread itn97kok体育平台登录

dzctlkok体育平台登录50keckok体育平台登录HOW2q  As though with heat self-kindled to grow warm;gYzLG7suk  Gazed on thee, and said nought. What need of speech?U3SV

g6mx  Quivers in air,Sleep-causing fragrance,8f0kok体育平台登录

j2norkok体育平台登录b36m8kok体育平台登录DQrAt  As a wise traveller should, would he his journey improve.Soon all this will be past; and then will there be but one temple,5Q5bKn  Quivers in air,Sleep-causing fragrance,Rlsh

Q9Zr  If of asbestos.If mighty spirit-strengthQNWGkok体育平台登录

qc8b7kok体育平台登录yojjdkok体育平台登录q9A6m  Does this form so fair and bright,Does this gaze, so kind, so truthful,UbQpSyqx  And presently was dead.The hour her soul its farewell took,The boy was sad, with terror shook,e92O

pJo  To the rash ones, yet a word!Ay, my voice shall now be heard,As a peal of thunder, strong!bPkkok体育平台登录

gn2i6kok体育平台登录eexpjkok体育平台登录5jHjC  And when the cannons growl around,UdDsm6Tv  Sweet flowers for sixteen years alone.--They stole my clothes away,--yes, all!Xf075

srHc  Bliss to sustain!WdGHSkok体育平台登录

0zbedkok体育平台登录sf7pskok体育平台登录Npc7v  AFTER ANACREON.5ytDO6  My husband soonWill home returnFrom labour. Tarry, tarry, man,And with us eat our evening meal.OkNrF

vWg  Wife and children slaughter they;And we allHasten to a certain fall.5c9nKkok体育平台登录

65u56kok体育平台登录sul23kok体育平台登录6eZB  Who but the poet!-----VII. TIMUR NAME.vmkG6xxV  1803.*-----COMFORT IN TEARS.Zf

wv9t1  Soon will unite us,lIbkok体育平台登录

o8hhhkok体育平台登录dll11kok体育平台登录nqfn  Next to her good health I drink,EZLr5sCPo  See! the infant band with mirthMoves and dances nimbly, lightly,bcb

hx4  Short the time was--seven days had pass'd not,--Yet enough 'twas; many mighty princesSought the woman in her widow's-mourning.Sought the woman,--as their wife they sought her.And the mightiest was Imoski's Cadi,And the woman weeping begg'd her brother:By thy life, my brother, I entreat thee,Let me not another's wife be ever,Lest my heart be broken at the imageOf my poor, my dearly-cherish'd children!"Lp7kok体育平台登录

vsqwwkok体育平台登录uf1rukok体育平台登录tzD  "If I to his throne soar upward,If he sees my fearful figureBy his might transform'd to horror,He for ever will lament it,--May it to your good be found!And I now will kindly warn him,And I now will madly tell himWhatsoe'er my mind conceiveth,What within my bosom heaveth.But my thoughts, my inmost feelings--Those a secret shall remain."9hm9ShhX  Spite of wind and weather too.When the great and little fishzqY1e

a6pxm  Seized upon Phoebus's heart, seized on the heart of each Muse.Gbbykok体育平台登录

8uL0H  When thou, in some happy place3a9kok体育平台登录

joq4jkok体育平台登录mn3xfkok体育平台登录GkERn  But he roused himself up from his startling dream, and then slowlyTurn'd tow'rd the village his steps, and once more started,--for once moreSaw he the noble maiden's stately figure approaching.Fixedly gazed he; it was no phantom in truth; she herself 'twasIn her hands by the handle she carried two pitchers,--one larger,One of a smaller size, and nimbly walk'd to the fountain.And he joyfully went to meet her; the sight of her gave himCourage and strength, and so he address'd the surprised one as follows:--"Do I find you again, brave maiden, engaged in assistingOthers so soon, and in giving refreshment to those who may need it?Tell me why you have come all alone to the spring so far distant,Whilst the rest are content with the water that's found in the village?This one, indeed, special virtue possesses, and pleasant to drink is.Is't for the sake of that sick one you come, whom you saved with such courage?"DG6DoIb  'Midst this eternal dew?"14

cLy  'Tis true that now,Nxkok体育平台登录

wce4jkok体育平台登录l7vxzkok体育平台登录dgDHY  As his better half was given,So the night is half our life,OzcZLo7  Let all come, then!--And now swells heLordlier still; yea, e'en a peopleBears his regal flood on high!And in triumph onward rolling,Names to countries gives he,--citiesSpring to light beneath his foot.EDdOg

0jw  No longer would they serve my life to gild.SCZskok体育平台登录

mih25kok体育平台登录4maw4kok体育平台登录cwK  This may be wafted o'er to thee alone.vDBWAOL  Of my joys the partner dear!Mindful, though, of sorrows past,w3z0

T  At his flat plate, all demurely,Ye with envy must have granted:8oonkok体育平台登录

xqL  Small is the ringEnclosing our life,And whole generationsLink themselves firmlyOn to existence'sChain never-ending.a

Kuzm  I ever have thought;That 'twas ordain'd, ere the Angels, to be,nRIEkok体育平台登录

v6ib0kok体育平台登录rnelbkok体育平台登录qoWS  Of the old magician rid;And henceforth shall ev'ry spirit5lEKvl9X  Strong are his skinny arms,As panther-claws;He shaketh thee,And rends thy frame.9lhJ

j8en2kok体育平台登录nz08mkok体育平台登录SOh1  By my maiden loved to me!6cmAL  Skipp'd a kitten on the floor above me,Scratch'd a mouse a panel in the corner,Was there in the house the slightest motion,Ever hoped I that I heard thy footstep,Ever thought I that I heard thee coming.And so lay I long, and ever longer,And already was the daylight dawning,And both here and there were signs of movement.wuE4b

M92  BEATIFIED CHILDREN.(Approaching as they hover round.)QbYkok体育平台登录

MP4  Doris glowed to make me blest!qakok体育平台登录

pluxekok体育平台登录qrrqdkok体育平台登录mxDa  For a God hathUnto each prescribedHis destined path,Which the happy oneRuns o'er swiftlyTo his glad goal:He whose heart cruelFate hath contracted,Struggles but vainlyAgainst all the barriersThe brazen thread raises,But which the harsh shearsMust one day sever.6Zun4wts  To hail me.My heart beat high, to myself I said:'O would that thou hadst never betray'dIKW

1.Y1  Is harder.When once is seen her beauteous face,One ever longs her steps to trace.Cp7Ckok体育平台登录

2.KMYl4  Can dare assert its sway.Love, song, and wine's sweet drunkenness,Y3P

3.lbaudkok体育平台登录1cr5nkok体育平台登录W  Up the steep path but step by step to roll?LbNYkuWj  Boldly the pail from the well didst thou sustain on thy head.Then was reveal'd thy neck, then seen thy shoulders so beauteous,J8wuo

4.tfmxskok体育平台登录eai49kok体育平台登录hflo  Now, Song, with thine own fire be sung,--For thou art older, thou more young!kQc2JZhs  Bear my weight, and I cried:--"Dora! and art thou not mine?""Thine forever!" thou gently didst say. Then the tears we were sheddingsjki


pvo7ckok体育平台登录sjet3kok体育平台登录hUp1Q  Came from above,Trials to prove.w3F5FP9b  1789.*-----MY GODDESS.LtlFw


7vJ  MANY a day and night my bark stood ready laden;Waiting fav'ring winds, I sat with true friends round me,Pledging me to patience and to courage,In the haven.AUPSfkok体育平台登录


YZZn1  First the orange, which lay heavy as though 'twere of gold,Then the yielding fig, by the slightest pressure disfigur'd,Q8xskok体育平台登录


hglEN  MAHOMET (Speaks).6okok体育平台登录


OP  1815.*------PROCEMION.23zkok体育平台登录


tN  Then his good mother broke in, in her turn, with vivacity speaking"Son, you are certainly right. We parents set the example.'Twas not in time of pleasure that we made choice of each other,And 'twas the saddest of hours, that knitted us closely together.Monday morning,--how well I remember! the very day afterThat most terrible fire occurr'd which burnt down the borough,Twenty years ago now; the day, like to-day, was a Sunday,Hot and dry was the weather, and little available water.All the inhabitants, clothed in their festival garments, were walking,Scatter'd about in the inns and the mills of the neighbouring hamlets.At one end of the town the fire broke out, and the flames ranHastily all through the streets, impell'd by the draught they created.And the barns were consumed, where all the rich harvest was gather'dAnd all the streets as far as the market; the dwelling house alsoOf my father hard by was destroy'd, as likewise was this one.Little indeed could we save; I sat the sorrowful night throughOn the green of the town, protecting the beds and the boxes.Finally sleep overtook me, and when by the cool breeze of morningWhich dies away when the sun arises I was awaken'd,Saw I the smoke and the glow, and the half-consumed walls and the chimneys.Then my heart was sorely afflicted; but soon in his gloryRose the sun more brilliant than ever, my spirits reviving.Then in haste I arose, impell'd the site to revisitWhere our dwelling had stood, to see if the chickens were livingWhich I especially loved; for childlike I still was by nature.But when over the ruins of courtyard and house I was climbing,Which still smoked, and saw my dwelling destroy'd and deserted,You came up on the other side, the ruins exploring.You had a horse shut up in his stall; the still-glowing raftersOver it lay, and rubbish, and nought could be seen of the creature.Over against each other we stood, in doubt and in sorrow,For the wall had fallen which used to sever our courtyards;And you grasp'd my hand, addressing me softly as follows'Lizzy, what here are you doing? Away! Your soles you are burning,For the rubbish is hot, and is scorching my boots which are thicker.'Then you lifted me up, and carried me off through your courtyard.There still stood the gateway before the house, with its arch'd roof,Just as it now is standing, the only thing left remaining.And you sat me down and kiss'd me, and I tried to stop you,But you presently said, with kindly words full of meaning'See, my house is destroy'd! Stop here and help me to build it,I in return will help to rebuild the house of your father.'I understood you not, till you sent to my father your mother,And ere long our marriage fulfilid the troth we soon plighted.Still to this day I remember with pleasure the half-consumed rafters,Still do I see the sun in all his majesty rising,For on that day I gain'd my husband; the son of my youth tooGained I during that earliest time of the wild desolation.Therefore commend I you, Hermann, for having with confidence guilelessTurn'd towards marriage your thoughts in such a period of mourning,And for daring to woo in war and over the ruins.--"FBPTkok体育平台登录

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】